Monday, February 1, 2010

What words shall grace this page?

So I made this blog a little bit ago because I wanted to record part of my life, and have deep, thought-provoking things to say. So far it's been a joke about a dead fish. My thoughts have been provoked, but only because it was my fish. It's not that I don't know what to write, it's that I don't know how to write. Someone suggested a creative writing course. Do they have a section on blogging?

I'll let you know that I don't do well with transitions. In my head things happen and they come out only as fast as my fingers can type. Transitions are often lost because they take up too much time. If everything seems non-sequitur, then you're on the right track reading this. Often my connections are long and convoluted but take only a split second for me to formulate and would take infinitely longer to type out. Incidentally, when writing "infinitely", I was reminded that I finally learned, after many instances of trial and error, to spell the word definitely. They key is to not think but just put your fingers on the keys and go. Get it into your head, then get out of it.

Is it a coincidence that many things nowadays I find I can apply to improv? My life over the past few months has gone from a casual patron and practicer of the art to a full blown participant and student. Unfortunately my life as a college student doesn't allow for all the improv I want. If I had the time and the money, I'd be in Kansas City every night for every show. The turning point for me was when I recieved a phone call from Stitch Tactics KC, requesting my participation in that weekend's show, which immediately became a full-blown active membership. That jumpstarted me to start being a lot more serious about my leadership position in Stitch Tactics Lawrence. I didn't nominate myself for the position, but since I was at every rehearsal my freshman year, the previous leaders asked me to be a leader myself. It took a while and constant pushing from my other officers, but eventually I became confident in what I was doing, both on stage and off as a leader. Stitch Tactics and improv in general I believe are responsible for making me into the person I am today. Through practising and performing and the guidance of my troupe members, I've become a confident, successful person both in and beyond improv. That was something I never thought would be possible when I came to college.

Through that dscipline, I need to find a comfortable and successful way in which I can organize this blog!

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