Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dark Matter

For the past 5 weeks I worked on a little play called Dark Matter. It was the first play I had been in since the 8th grade due to various things (work, parents, etc). I auditioned for the University Theatre and after the dismal audition, I decided to audition for Dark Matter. My wonderful friend Tosin Morohunfola wrote and directed it. I auditioned and went to callbacks. Callbacks was were all the hilarity started, and it hasn't ended. :)

Of course, creating a play is collaboration between actors, directors, crew, etc. None of what I accomplished in Dark Matter would have been possible without the love and careful attention and collaboration between Tosin and his actors. Every rehearsal was a wonderful mix of fun and serious business which is the best environment for creation, especially with a play like Dark Matter. Tosin guided us in the direction he wanted but never told us how to get there. Sometimes his vague directions like "you know what to do!" were more frustrating than anything, but in the end it really put the characters in the actors' hands and let them connect with the character and really give the best performances we could. Thank you Tosin for being a wonderful director. We all fell in love with your dream.

In my humble opinion, I don't think the show could have been cast better. Regardless of everyone's experience, we all took the direction and the time to cultivate our talent and train ourselves to create vibrant, life-like characters. Everyone brought their own ideas to the table and we all helped each other to mold our characters. I don't think there's enough I can say about each and every one of you. Really. I couldn't have found a better, friendly, more enthusiastic and talented group of people to work with and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I'm so happy we all became friends and I sincerely hope we can stay friends. Thank you to everyone for making Dark Matter an unforgettable experience. Thank you Rebecca for all of your hard work to make this show come together. We truly would not have gotten anywhere without you. Your input was invaluable and your deceptively quiet disposition made for some hilarious and surprising moments. Thank you again for being the best stage manager anyone could ask forThank you Sean, Taylor and Matt. The show would not have come together without you. I was told many times that the PSAs were both terrifying yet and pleasantly surprising addition to the show and provided a great foundation to the show. The Man was undoubtedly everyone's favorite character and you kicked that shit hardcore. It was wonderful. Thank you Anna for your dry humor and sarcastic enthusiasm, and your work ethic that motivated me to get my lines memorized! Thank you Clayton for your cheerful disposition and inspiring determination. Thank you Danielle for bringing a smile to my face every rehearsal with your own brand of humor and desire to be the best you could be. Thank you Ajani for being the rock of the cast and bringing some good sense to all of the crazy around you. And of course, thank you Ed. Without you to act beside, Tessa would not be the same. Working with you on Miles and Tessa, in my opinion, has made me a better actor. And thank you of course for your ridiculous sense of humor. Thank you to everybody again. There are no words, only feelings :)

I love you all.


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  1. awwwwww! I am almost tearing up right now!!! sooo presh!!!! Thank you love you are such a great person! I am sooo happy that I got to do this play with you and create a friendship with you! we are just cheetahs roaming in the savannah!